WebRTC is a technology that provides any browser with the ability to share application data and conduct peer-to-peer audio and video conferences without installing plugins or third-party software. In January 2021, WebRTC became a W3C Recommendation and IETF Standard. In the last year, due to the coronavirus epidemic, millions of people have experienced a lot of changes on their daily routines and the use of...

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SPIE Inès Saidi video QoS WebRTC

Even if video conference services providers are  perfectly proficient in their interactive video remote collaboration technology in so-called "optimal" network communication situations, they are not yet able to provide the same quality of service (QoS) for communications in locations with  limited network coverage.   However, users of remote collaboration tools  find themselves regularly in degraded network conditions (limited bandwidth, packet losses, latency …). Whether it is interventions...

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