ApiRTC cloud-based WebRTC API are built for web and mobile developers. Empower you website with real-time text, audio and video interaction by leveraging our javascript library (compatible Node.js or Angular.js) or use our Cordova plugin for your hybrid mobile apps. Apizee takes care of browser compatibility, security and NAT traversal issues for you.




Text messaging

Add one-to-one and group text communications capabilities to your web application.

Audio calls

Set up browser-based one to one audio calls or web conferences.

Video calls

Set up browser-based, one to one video calls, video broadcast (1:n) or video conferences (n:n).



Presence management

Manage user presence in real-time. Add presence indicators to your app.

File transfer

Use WebRTC to transfer files over the data channel.


Share the actions you’re performing on the web-browser in real-time. Co-browse while having a text, audio or video conversation.

Screen sharing

Share your computer screen with your visitor to show them your special offers, new products…


Draw and share annotations in real-time with one or multiple parties.


Trigger snapshots on local and remote party sides and use a secure secured peer-to-peer datachannel to transfer files.



Contextual communication

Add real-time interaction at the right moment of the customer journey.

Detailed reports

Get detailed statistical reports regarding API usage.


ApiRTC Architecture :

ApiRTC platform :

Main components of ApiRTC platform are :

  • CCS : Call Control Server
  • STUN/TURN servers
  • Media servers : SFU
  • VoIP GW
  • Connectors to different ecosystems : SIPoWs, SIP, IMS …

ApiRTC features :

  • Interoperatibility: ApiRTC manages browser interoperability
  • Presence: presence group registration and subscription
  • Media management: NAT traversal (STUN/TURN/ICE), QoS, media optimization
  • Monitoring and statistics
  • Scalability: SFU Cluster
  • Connections : Connectors to different ecosystems
  • Secure: HTTPS, SRTP, authentication, private cloud or on-premise deployment options
  • Recording