WebRTC Wildcard Episodes

WebRTC Wildcard Episodes

WebRTC Wildcard is live every Thursday 12pm CET on Twitch to share and experiment web-based real-time communication news and technical solutions with the developer community.

Each episode can cover one or many of the fllowing topics:

  • Market / solution news briefing
  • Discoveries
  • Event report
  • Live coding & experimentation
  • Interviews & guests

Want to hear about a specific topic? Drop a message in the Twitch chat: https://www.twitch.tv/webrtcwildcard

How to participate? Connect on the @webrtcwildcard Twitch channel at 12pm CET on Jan 26, 2023 Description For this episode, we will mix 2 topics: real-time or video communication market news briefing building a face tracking feature over a video communication app (with the help of artificial intelligence/machine learning) Resources of this episode //To be added after the episode ...

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