Use cases


In a world facing medical professional shortage, regulatory requirements and costs rising and where some regions lack health infrastructure, allowing health professionals to keep in touch with their patients and their peers can facilitate knowledge sharing and improve patient care.


WebRTC technology enables the development of telemedicine and e-health solutions that facilitate communication with patients and the sharing of medical data in a safe and convenient way with approved hosting for health data protection.


Online banking customer orchestration


In 2016, 59% of European internet users used online banking services. As costumers are turning more and more towards online banking, banks are increasingly using real-time communications to deliver a better customer experience.


With ApiRTC platform, banks can integrate real-time communications into websites and mobile apps to provide their customers with highly secure and premium customer services. Bank advisers can also keep track of previous interactions whatever communication channels was used, allowing them to orchestrate their customers engagement with a global consolidated view avoiding duplicated requests.


Whether they need to conduct a transaction, manage their account or set up an investment portfolio management, customers will be able to be advised in real-time thanks to video-based services.


Distance coaching is a recent evolution of coaching and sports training. With the WebRTC technology a coach is able to provide a learner with training programs, advice, answers question and oversee the lessons through real-time video.


The development of a sport coaching solution thanks to the ApiRTC platform makes remote exchange very easy by offering real-time access to coaches, wherever they are, with high-definition video. Coach and learners can also record the sessions for later viewing.


This type of solution allows coaches to regularly follow the learners progress, limit travel and improve the profitability of their courses.


ApiRTC platform can also be used in a large variety of markets: CRM, education, enterprise collaboration, field services…

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