Goals and presentation

Acquire the fundamentals of WebRTC architecture, protocols and associated software technologies. Understand WebRTC by theoretical analyzes of varied use-cases, and experimental work on platform. Get An introduction to its potential in terms of new services.

WebRTC is a project initiated by the W3C and the IETF, whose objective is to achieve real-time multimedia communications between web browsers. By introducing a native convergence of synchronous / asynchronous communication services, landline / mobile , voice / data…, this new approach made ​​the web the natural support and definitively any professional or public communication service.

Participants and requirements :

Computer and/or network engineers, developers of telecommunications services, web developers, technical managers.
Knowledge of network protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML et JavaScript languages are required to take better advantage of training



  • WebRTC origins
  • Actors, solutions and deployments
  • Use-cases


  • Client/server model
  • Browser software architecture
  • JavaScript languages, HTML5

Technical description of WebRTC

Media stream WebRTC

  • Protocol stack
  • ICE
  • Encryption
  • Multiplexing
  • Audio/video codec & datachannel
  • Congestion control
  • Restrictive firewall traversal


  • STUN/TURN configuration
  • getUserMedia
  • PeerConnection
  • SDP

WebRTC signaling

  • Long polling & Websockets
  • SIP and Ad-Hoc approaches
  • Real-time backend approaches : onMessage/sockets-RMI-PubSub-DataSync;
  • Some market solutions

Conference and WebRTC

  • Media Router approaches
  • StreamSwitcher
  • Selective Forwarding Units
  • Full examples of WebRTC framework

Practical work on open source platform

  • Use-cases analysis
  • Development of a basic service


1800 € /participant

Summary and conclusion


The training includes practical work on platform for use-cases analysis and development of a basic service.

Person in charge:

Frédéric LUART

CTO and co-founder of Apizee, Frederic has a large experience delivering VoIP systems for telecom carriers and is an established expert in WebRTC technology and WebRTC-based multimedia applications development.