Support Plans Definitions

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Support Plans Definitions

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Business hours

Apizee guarantees a support service from monday to friday, excluding French national holidays. From 9am to 12pm and from 14pm to 18pm (CET – Central European Time)

Apizee Support Team

Apizee team in charge of customer support, based in France in the same premises as the R&D teams. The Support Team is accessible during support ranges, by email, chat or phone, depending on the subscribed Support Plan.

Guaranteed Intervention Time

The maximum time between receiving the request and sending the first response. This delay is expressed in working hours during the support opening hours, depending on the subscribed Support Plan and the issue priority.

Dedicated Contact

A dedicated referent who knows the installation and the customer’s history in order to optimize the resolution times.

Apizee customer

Any customer who has subscribed to a paid ApiRTC plan or has a current credit balance.

Priority Issues Level

Potential issues occurring with ApiRTC platform are categorized according to 3 levels of priority:


    1. Major: Unplanned total or partial interruption, severely affecting the operation of a service in production. Does not apply in the development stage.
    2. Moderate: Systematically reproducible problem, without a workaround, and impacting several users of the same costumer under conditions that seriously affect the use of a service in production. Does not apply in the development stage.
    3. Minor: Request concerning products, features and/or problems encountered during the development phase. In production, partial malfunction of the features or the service quality of use, that can generate customer incidents reports.

Support Levels

  • Bronze: Basic support service provided by the Apizee Support Team concerning the use of ApiRTC, based on the use of the Documentation and Tutorials available on the website. Does not include client web page testing or trace analysis.


  • Silver: In adition to the Bronze Support, the Silver support includes the analysis of problems in a software environment (OS and web browser), based on analysis of traces generated by the web browser or the application mobile provided by the customer. Silver support does not include customer web page analysis or support for a code developed by the customer.


  • Gold: In adition to the Silver support, Gold support includes a developer support hour quota.

Developer Assistance

Support for all types of ApiRTC development needs: Customer Web page  analysis, customer-provided code analysis, specific example source code development and development consulting.