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Blog post ApiRTC VueJS

We have observed a growing demand for integrating WebRTC in modern frameworks for building web applications. We have packaged ApiRTC javascript API to make it easier to use from any of the most used modern frameworks. In this post we will demonstrate a simple web application developed using VueJS and ApiRTC....

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WebRTC is a technology that provides any browser with the ability to share application data and conduct peer-to-peer audio and video conferences without installing plugins or third-party software. In January 2021, WebRTC became a W3C Recommendation and IETF Standard. In the last year, due to the coronavirus epidemic, millions of people have experienced a lot of changes on their daily routines and the use of...

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How to build a simple WebRTC browser-based video application

Most of us are familiar with videoconferencing solutions. But sometimes, in particular for professional use cases, it could be preferable to build your own custom solution. This could be interesting if you need an application that meet particular businesses needs or if you want to integrate video communication to existing workflows. With ApiRTC you can easily build a custom video application and running it in...

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